BIONERGY, a. s. – relationship to the environment

As stated in the environmental act, the environment is everything that creates the natural conditions for the existence of organisms, including humans, and is a prerequisite for their further development. Its components are in particular air, water, rocks, soil and organisms.

An ecosystem is a functional system of living and non-living components of the environment, which are connected to each other in exchange of substances, energy flow and information sharing and which interact and evolve in a particular space and time. Ecological stability is the ability to compensate for variations in the ecosystem caused by external factors and keep its natural features and functions. The landscape carrying capacity is such a burden on the territory caused by human activities in which there is no damage to the environment, particularly its components, ecosystem functions or ecological stability.

BIONERGY, a. s. is governed in their work by the aforesaid theses and considers the protection of the environment as essential for ensuring the quality of life of the current and future generations.

Since the establishment of BIONERGY, a. s., there has been search for ways to take advantage of the potential of the eco-friendly Company to extend its scope of activities in the field of environmental protection. Because the input raw material for the production of sewage gas and subsequent production of electricity and heat is waste, the possibility of processing other liquid ingredients of biodegradable waste was expanded into groups of wastes from the production and processing of food, waste from the waste treatment facilities, from wastewater treatment facilities and municipal waste (see Waste Catalogue). This expansion of activities was preceded by the development of plans to operate the sludge, gas and energy management plants in Petržalka, Devínska Nová Ves and Senica, assessment of their impact on the environment (EIA) and the subsequent issuance of approvals for the operation of installations for waste recovery (District Environmental Office - OÚŽP) and the approval of facilities for animal by-products processing (Regional Veterinary and Food Administrations - RVPS). The plans to expand the sewage sludge, gas and energy processing plant in Vrakuňa for kitchen and catering waste are described more in the VISION AND MISSION section.

The conservation of the environment is a permanent part of the company's activities and is achieved by keeping the technological discipline at every stage of the production process. Nevertheless, the manufacturing process does not produce only environmentally positive outcomes (electricity and heat produced from renewable sources), but also adversely affects the quality of the environment – air emissions and waste. Compliance with the emission limit values is set out in the part QUALITY STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATES. Quantitatively dominant waste is stabilized dewatered sludge (sludge from municipal waste water treatment plants), which is recovered as a part of industrially produced composts through contractual relationships with companies authorized under the Waste Act. In the future, the energy recovery of such waste is being considered. Hazardous wastes resulting from the operation of processing plants are recovered or disposed of by authorized companies through contractual relationships with service companies, or on the basis of own contracts of BIONERGY, a.s. Regarding waste management, the company follows the waste hierarchy as laid down in the Waste Act.